2012 John Deere Gator™ XUV 855D 4x4 - Olive/Black


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John Deere
Gator™ XUV 855D 4x4 - Olive/Black



XUV 855D: Diesel power, durability and toughness.

Power VS Pretenders
  • 23HP (17.0kw), 854cc, 3 cylinder, OHV, 4-cycle diesel engine.
  • 32 mph top speed. Fastest and most powerful diesel UV in the industry.
  • Two-range CVT transmission requires no shifting and delivers for superior efficiency from low-speed pulling to fast top speed.
Confidence VS Terrain
  • Select a completely turf friendly mode of operation, or press the switch and get on-demand 4-wheel drive for climbing the toughest trails. Rear differential can be locked so the rear drive wheels push together through tough spots.
  • Independent double-wishbone long-travel suspension (8-inches in front and 9-inches to rear) ensure all four wheels stay on the ground working for you. 11-inch ground clearance helps prevent vehicle from getting high-centered.
  • A solid core steel sway bar reduces body lean and employs an efficient double-ball drop-link for increased durability.
  • Vehicle has one of the highest static stability factors in the industry thanks to a wide-stance, low-center of gravity and long wheelbase.
  • Full-clutch enclosure provides greater access through water up to 22 inches high. Standard muffler is equipped with a spark arrestor.
  • Standard Occupant Protection System (OPS) with a passenger-side hand-hold and 3-point seat belts is SAE and OSHA ROPS-certified.
Capability VS A Day's Work
  • Biggest cargo box in its class, with 16.4 cubic feel of capacity, 20 tie down points, pickup-style tailgate, steel reinforced load guard and bed, glass-filled polymer sides, standard gas-assist for easier dumping. Converts to flat-bed in minutes.
  • Exclusive Quick-Clamp rail-based attaching system enables adding attachments like gun-boots, tool racks, sidewall extensions and more in seconds.
  • Cargo box has optional factory spray-in bedliner and power lift.
  • Independent double-wishbone long-travel suspension is designed to offer a superior ride without squatting whether unloaded to or carrying max capacity.
  • 1,000 lb. cargo box capacity, 1,500 lb. towing and 1,400 lb. payload capacity.
  • Standard integrated 2-inch front and rear receiver hitches.
Engineering VS The Real World
  • Heavier-duty engine components, like an aluminum head, cast block with painted interior and crank and thrust bearings ensure long life.
  • Hydroformed frame offers exceptional tolerance for twisting under heavy loads.
  • Engineered ductile front cast-iron A-Arms balance strength and weight and are designed to withstand jackhammer trails.
  • Full-steel skid plates guard underbody.
  • Engineered plastic polymer body panels (JDLOY) can be painted and provides improved scratch and marring resistance/recoverability.
Engine and Electrical
  • Type: 4-cycle diesel
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Valving: OHV
  • Horsepower: 22.8 (17.0 kw)
  • Displacement: 854 cc
  • Maximum torque, ft.-lb. (Nm): 36.9 (50) @ 2400 rpm
  • Iginition type: Compression ignition
  • Lubrication: Full pressure
  • Oil filter: Screw on filter
  • RPM, idle (no load): 1050 +/- 25
  • RPM, fast (no load): 3700 +/- 25
  • Cooling system: Liquid
  • Air cleaner: Dry, replaceable single element with remote intake
  • Battery: 480CCA
  • Alternator: 40 amp @ 3200 rpm regulated, 540 watts
  • Headlights: Two 37.5 watt halogen
Fuel System
  • Capacity, U.S. gal. (L): 5.3 (20.1)
  • Consumption (half load at avg. speed), U.S. gal./hr. (L/h): 0.5 (1.89)
  • Fuel pump type: Electric
  • System Type: On-demand true four-wheel drive system
  • Front Differential (Engagement): Auto-locking (On/off rocker switch)
  • Rear Differential (Engagement): Positive locking, mechanically actuated (hand-operated)
  • Type: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with fully enclosed clutch
  • Drive belt: Spun top cog, 31 mm wide
  • Ground speed, mph (km/h): 0-32 (0-51) Hi Forward, 0-15 (0-24) Lo Forward, 0-17 (0-27) Reverse
  • Transaxle: Two speed, oil bath
  • Gear Selection: Forward (hi-lo), Netural, Reverse
  • Overall Reduction Ratio: Low: 86.8488:1
  • Overall Reduction Ratio: High: 86.8488:1
  • Overall Reduction Ratio: Reverse: 75.9333:1
  • Brakes: Front/rear hydraulic disk
  • Park brake: Hand-operated, sealed wet disk
  • Bearings: Sealed, double-row ball
  • Axle: 27 mm dia., forged CV-shaft with Double Offset Joint
Suspension and Steering
  • Suspension, front: Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils
  • Front Susp. Travel (total), in. (mm): 8 (203)
  • Suspension, rear: Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils and sway bar
  • Rear Susp. Travel (total), in. (mm): 9 (229)
  • Steering: Rack and Pinion
  • Turning radius, ft. (m): 12.4 (3.8)
  • Front: Standard 2-in receiver
  • Rear: Standard 2-in receiver
Occupant Protective System (OPS)
  • Tubular overhead structure: 1.75 in (44.4 mm) steel tube
  • Passenger grab handles: Front OPS post, front dash and on both sides of seat
  • Seat belts: 3-point
  • Certification: SAE J2194 and OSHA ROPS
Ground Pressure (max)
  • With 200-lb. Operator Only, psi (kg/cm2): 14 (0.98)
  • Fully Loaded Vehicle, psi (kg/cm2): 14 (0.98)
Ground Clearance
  • Ground Clearance, in. (mm): 11 (267)
  • Under Foot Platform, in. (mm): 12.25 (311)
  • Length (w/out bumper), in. (mm): 119 (3021)
  • Length (with bumper), in. (mm): 119 (3021)
  • Width, in. (mm): 62 (1571)
  • Front-tread Centers, in. (mm): 44.8 (1137)
  • Rear-tread Centers, in. (mm): 47.9 (1216)
  • Height (overall with OPS), in. (mm): 75 (1903)
  • Wheelbase, in. (mm): 79 (2007)
  • Weight (incl. fuel/fluids), lb. (kg): 1650 (748.42)
  • Seating Capacity: 2
  • Seat Type: Professional high back bucket, tilt forward
  • Towing Capacity, lb. (kg): 1500 (680)
  • Payload Capacity, lb. (kg): 1400 (635)
  • Sound rating (at operator's ear), dB(A): 91.1
Cargo Box
  • Material: Polypropylene side panels and tailgate; steel floor and load guard
  • Dimensions, in. (mm): 45L x 52W x 12D (1143L x 1320W x 304.8D)
  • Volume, cu. ft. (m3): 16.4 (0.46)
  • Weight, lb. (kg): 1000 (454)
  • Dump: Manual with lift assist shock (factory installed power lift option)
  • Tailgate: Hinged at bottom, removable
  • Front: 26x9-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain); 25x9-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain)
  • Rear: 26x11-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain); 25x11-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain)
  • Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain), Terrahawk AT (All Terrain), Maxxis BigHorn 2.0 Radials (Extreme Terrain) - Front: 27x9-14, Rear: 27x11-14
  • Olive/Black
Engine hp is provided by engine manufacturer for comparison purposes. Actual operating hp will be less.



Engine Type
4-cycle diesel, 3 cylinder OHV
854 cc
Compression ignition


Front Suspension
Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils
Front Brakes
Hydraulic disk
Front Tire
26x9-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain); 25x9-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain)
Rear Suspension
Fully Independent Dual A-Arm with adjustable coils and sway bar
Rear Brakes
Hydraulic disk
Rear Tire
26x11-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain); 25x11-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain)


Ground Clearance
11 in. (267mm)
79 in. (2007mm)
Front Travel
8 in. (203mm)
Rear Travel
9 in. (229mm)
Box Capacity
1000 lb. (454 kg)
Towing Capacity
1500 lbs. (680kg)
Dry Weight
1650 lbs. (748kg)
Fuel Capacity
5.3 gal. (20.1L)


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with clutch enclosure
Drive System
On-demand true four-wheel